• Engineering & Consulting
  • Sizing of solar power systems
  • Supply and Installation of Solar Kits (Solar Panels, Batteries, Lamps & Floor Lamps solar, solar pumps,
  • Installation of solar mini-plants.

Solar Energy

POWER AFRIKA is a professional in the design, integration and installation of Solar Systems (Domestic Solar Systems, solar street lights, solar pumps, solar power, …). It has an efficient after-sales service, likely to offer repair and maintenance services of installed systems. It is proactive on its interventions in case of failure on the installed system.

POWER AFRIKA installs solar home systems that meet international standards required in the solar energy sector and provides unprecedented technical and commercial guarantee.

With solar panels, get a reliable free clean energy and very long-term (25 years).

Based on robust equipment, our solar systems allow you to use your electrical equipment peacefully without resorting systematically to a generator.

We offer a wide range of solar kits, custom designed with you to meet all needs from simple lighting in a complete house including all modern facilities, public lighting of spaciousness.


  • Clean energy, silent, non-polluting and efficient
  • Simple installation, “plug and play”
  • Materials trusted, reliable and robust.
  • scalable modular design to follow your requests
  • Wide range of solutions for all types of needs.
  • No more generator, noise, gas, gas oil and odor.

Electrical equipment

POWER AFRIKA supplies and installs electrical equipment with high stability in the customer network enabling proper operation and good life of its devices. We offer such as batteries and battery systems of long life of from 2 to 20 years. We provide inverters and controllers of great autonomy and stability.

  • Generators.
  • UPS and controllers.
  • accumulator systems
  • mains wiring.
  • ripple current wiring.

Telecommunications and IT

  • computer network wiring.
  • Fiber Optic cabling.
  • Satellite Internet connection via VSAT.
  • Network interconnection by BLR.
  • Interconnection WANs VSAT.
  • Installation IP telephone networks.
  • Providing materials IT & Telecoms (Computers, Printers, Servers, Copiers).
  • Supply Telecom Equipment (Switch Routers and Cisco).

Security Systems

  • analog and digital video.
  • biometric system access control and presence (Badges and fingerprints).
  • Anti-intrusion systems.
  • Anti fire systems.
  • smoke detectors.

Electronic document management

  • Scan / acquisition
  • Processing / Indexing
  • Archiving / Storage
  • Diffusion
  • Valuation documents