OUR PRODUCTS: We offer in a wide range

Solar Energy

  • Photovoltaic modules
  • Storage Batteries
  • solar lights
  • Other Pico PV equipment
  • voltage converters
  • Charge Regulators
  • galvanized supports and electric cables of good impedance
  • Solar battery
  • Led lamp
  • solar street lights
  • hybrid systems
  • solar Kits

Solar panel

  Voltage Converter


Solar Kits


Solar controller


accessory kits


solar lamps


LED lamp


Solar lamp post

Security systems

Vidéo surveillance

  • IP camera brands
  • Analog cameras
  • Video servers
  • Pro visualization software

access control systems

  • Biometric reader and card reader
  • Turnstile
  • security gates
  • Scanners
  • automatic barriers


Fire detection range




Fingerprint reader


automatic bar




Portico of Security

video monitoring kit

IP Camera

Optical smoke detector


  • Internet VSAT
  • Interconnection by BLR
  • Telecoms equipment (Routers and Switches CISCO)
  • storage servers
  • Server management

Internet connection by VSAT


Storage server


Computer rack


CISCO router


CISCO Switch